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Issues with version 4 / Re: Endurance race max 58 minutes
« Last post by Elzado on January 14, 2020, 10:10:55 AM »
Is it possible to maybe schedule more than one 58-minute cycle and get past this limit that way?
Issues with version 4 / Re: Pace cars delay at start
« Last post by thesenator on January 13, 2020, 10:39:51 PM »
Hi Minardi.
Thanks for the reply. I'll look at the throttle levels. Seems to be more a case of no power for the first 2 secs rather than a safe lower throttle. I might ask on the slot forum at some stage to see if it's happening for anyone else.
Really enjoying RCS64. Thank you.
RCS64 OxiGen / Re: RCS o2 first versions is out to be tested
« Last post by Minardi on January 11, 2020, 04:45:41 PM »
2 years ago we decided to totally drop the beta of RCSO2 and start all over. So we did and a beta will be released very soon!!!
Will be a 8 car version with tyre wear, fuel and damage.
Ah too bad, please share them via rcs64rms mail than I can try to upload them.
Issues with version 4 / Re: Pace cars delay at start
« Last post by Minardi on January 11, 2020, 04:42:37 PM »
Hm cant remember I have seen that issue, does your recording start with a higher throttle level? I know it takes a safe speed until start finish.
Issues with version 4 / Pace cars delay at start
« Last post by thesenator on January 06, 2020, 10:50:33 PM »
Hello All.
Been using RCS64 for a few weeks now and really enjoying it. Spent a bit of time setting up pace cars. They are working well and I'm finding it hard to beat them. Pacers have mags and I'm running magless.
Issue is a delay with pacers at the start of a race once the lights go out. There is about a 2 second delay after the lights go out before the pacers start. Meaning if I start in front I'm a couple of seconds ahead before they move or if I'm behind I have to wait until they take off or crash into them. It’s not a big deal, just wondering am I missing something or is it that just the way it is.
Any help / advice greatly appreciated. Thank you.
I am getting the error message "Cannot access attachments upload path!" when I want to upload pictures so it is not working.
Issues with version 4 / Endurance race max 58 minutes
« Last post by Minardi on November 28, 2019, 12:40:53 PM »
A few people already have discovered a bug in endurance, you can not set the time higher than 58 minutes. The problem is that we can not fix this bug anymore as RCS64 was coded in an older development tool and we can not step back. The only work around is to calculate the estimated laps and make it a longer race, say 1000 laps if you really want more than 58 minutes.
Wow that is nice work. Do you have pictures?
I think I finally found nice solution for a blinking Pitlight only using one Arduino board and the standard scalextric controllers and not using Pit pro or Smart Sensors.

I use a TCRT5000 Infrared Sensor Module for the pit light  in combination with the Arduino board I already use for the other lights.  You can use more than one infrared module if the pits is a little bit longer.

I am testing it on a breadboard and it looks very promising. So summarizing I use only one Arduino (Uno) board and one Arduino sketch to have (hanging under an old Dunlop bridge):
- Red starting lights and blinking reds (for as long as you want) at the end of the ace.
- Greens for the race
- Blinking yellows for track call
- Blinking blue for one or more cars in the pits
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