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Hi there.

Im new to RCS64 having recently moved over from the dark side (SSDC) having spent 8 days trying to get the pace cars working right....

So I have set up a variable pace car on RSC64 - got it running really sweat in test mode made tweaks to the graph etc etc - ALL GOOD

But then when I go to have a race with that pace car I get very sporadic unpredictable behaviour (just as I was with SSDC).

The car will start going round and then half way round it will full throttle into a corner and de-rail. Even though there is no full throttle at that point on the graph (or even near that point) and it was not having that problem when in test mode (testing the pace car).

Then I may try again and it will do several laps fine and then full throttle again into a corner. Its almost like it gets confused or loses connection and goes bonkers.

Im using a pretty powerful PC with windows 7 & 16GB ram so I don't think its that.

The cars I am using are all DPR cars (could that be it?)

Any ideas? I really want to be able to race with pace cars and RCS64 was my last hope :/



Hi Doug,
Hmm, this can be due to several things, mostly independent of the RMS - chip, track, cable & PC, so try to exclude some of them:

- Are all the DPR chips newish? The older versions did have some power surge/ID loss problems.

- Does the surge happen with all your cars and always at the same point on the track? If so, the track connections may need some attention.

- Open the Task Manager in Windows and monitor the CPU usage - does it ever hit 100%? Another program may be running in the background.

- Reconnect the Scalextric APB tower and set all pace cars speeds to zero.

What's puzzling is it works ok in test mode.
- Did you save the profile before exiting?
- Have you selected the correct saved profile for each car ID in the pacer tab setup screen?

Like you, I spent many frustrating hours trying to get SSDC pace cars to work. RCS64 pacers work unbelievably well. Problems can arise if you try to change the speed graph too much as it throws out the timing sync after that point but this is logical and won't cause unexpected surges.

I've had 5 pace cars running for long periods in races without any de-slots or unpredictable behaviour and maintaining lap times pretty closely so long as the target speed parameters are correctly set.

Let me know if any of the above is unclear and I'll add some more detail and screen shots.


Edit: Here's an old beta test video with an RCS64 controlled pacer racing against a Scalextric Challenger car:

Hi Chris

Thanks for the reply.

Answers to your Qs:

I have now skipped using the existing car chips and purchased all new chips which I installed today.
different places (but of course always on a corner as thats when it derails
set cars to zero in APB - ok will check that tonight ;)
Yes pace car profile is being saved
correct ID for profile etc - yes

So I did made some headway today....

I ran some power leads to other parts of the track today just to get some better continuity in power (to be honest I dont think I noticed any difference but hey ho) - I also cave the track a clean (I think I will crimp and copper take the whole lot once I get everything else working)

I set up a fixed throttle pace car (eg set up not using my controller) and got it running round the track nicely in test mode (all be it a little bit slow to race against, but fine for testing) - this ran fine in test mode (did about 20 laps).

So I then set up a 10 lap GP race with myself and the pace car.... I started the race but removed my car and just let the pace car run on its own.... and it completed the 10 laps no problem, no derails and no speeding up etc.

Great me thinks... so I set up the race again this time with the intension or driving too. We start the race and the pace car speeds up and derails on the first corner. WTF?

Ok so I start the GP again, with both the pace car and myself, but this time I remove my car again... the pace car does several laps no issue. I then pick up my throttle (without my car on the track) and squeeze the trigger (full throttle) and low a behold the pace car speeds up and derails!

So it seems that as soon as I give an input on any other controller the pace car starts doing a wobbly.

Now I should point out that the other throttles are not controlling the pace car, eg no direct throttle increase based on my input.... but the pace car just increases slightly and derails.

Likewise my car on or off the track makes no difference to this effect. Eg it happens regartdless to whether my car is on or off the track - it purely seems to be based on any throttle input from another controller whilst the pace car is running.

Any ideas?  :'(


I've never come across this type of interference. So you're saying the pace car always runs fine providing you don't touch a controller?
- Does it do the same thing with all your controllers?

- If you run against a pace car with the Scalextric tower connected, (ie without RCS64), do you still see the same type of increase in speed?

- I don't want to teach a Grandma to suck eggs, but just to check the basics I presume you have the driven car programmed to ID1 and the controller plugged into socket 1 and the pace car is programmed to ID2 and this is reflected in the RCS64 settings?

- Do you leave a controller plugged into the socket corresponding to the pace car ID, albeit not being used?

- Does the speed increase still happen if you run the driven car on another ID - ID3 for example?


In the pace car tab there is a setting for power consumption.  How is it set?


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