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Pace cars having burst of speed.


Hi has any one experienced some pace cars going out of control. It seems to happen with the same cars each time and also coincides with running five or more cars.
Is it a problem with the c7042 apb or is it damage to the incar chip or is it the Rcs64 prog. I am running the prog on a  Windows 7 laptop which is exclusivley used for this purpose.
Any ideas?..
All advice welcome

How complex is your pace car recording?
I got best results when keeping it as simple as possible. With a constant speed and only acceleration on a long straight. Make sure acceleration and braking is used in time windows with some room for deviation.
I do have another problem though. That is that my pace cars run much faster in the races as in the past car configuration screen...


Hi thanks for the reply. My pace car recording have been quite complicated, however I have simplified them. I e  constant speed and  setting as little complications as possible. I have also found that my cars speed up. This may be due to fuel usage being applied. I have found that unchecking the recoded time box  has a bearing. Try this out.
Thanks widders


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