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Avast VirusScan Software issue with RCS64


Avast virus database recognizes the EXE file of RCS64 v4 as a threat and puts it in the virus vault automatically when you download the program.  When you install RCS64 there's no EXE file  to start the program.  You will have to go in to the vault and except it and assign Avast to ignore it.

Thanks Brit for the solution, More users have had prblem with Avast, mostly they uninstall Avast and Installed Microsoft Esentials insted.


FWIW... I am using Avast Internet Security (one of the paid versions) and did not have this problem.  This computer is not online anymore, so I am not getting avast updates or doing routine scans anymore.  I loaded rcs64 from a usb stick as opposed to downloading it.  I did turn Avast off when doing the install.

I tried the usb port and Uninstaller avast and everything was find. As soon as I reinstalled avast it pulled it from the desktop.  Now that being said I have the new version that was just released.

It might be the case that the new signature of the AV vets RCS as a threat...


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