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"please wait initializing" hangs up.


When I start a race there is a box in the lower right side of the screen that says "please wait  initializing"  and it counts down and stops. It hangs up at 1% (I waited 30 minutes and no change). If I tap the break button the event will then start. So I uninstalled my virus software, then I uninstall RCS64.  I then reinstall RCS64 and then switched virus software to Microsoft essentials. RCS64 still gets hungs up at 1% when initializing and it won't go any farther.  I figured that when I tap the brake button to get it to continue, I was voiding some sort of a setting being loaded.  I am at a lose, I don't know why it won't initialize. Is anyone else having this issue?  Is there a fix?

If there are no controllers activated then it is fine. It is when I activate a controller it hangs up.  Controllers are the stock ones that came with the power base.

Its the latency...

thank you, that fixed the hanging up.


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